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Haji Hussain Che Dol

Translation by Haji Hashim Bin Samin


Haji Hussain Che Dol was born at Kampong Gajah Mati, Pendang, Kedah in 1904. He came from a family of "Pondok" (hut) religious school teachers. His father, Ismail Che Dol was one of the most well-known Ulamas in Kedah. He obtained his early education from his father. After that he went to South Thailand to widen his religious knowledge by studying under Haji Abdullah Chauk, Patani. After four years in Thailand, he went to Mecca. However, while in Mecca he fell ill and because of the illness, he had to return and continued his studies at the "Pondok" in Chauk, Patani.

Haji Hussain used to open his own "Pondok" in Guar Chempedak in Kedah and taught students who came from all over the country. He then continued his teaching career at his father's "Pondok" at Gajah Mati. He then migrated to Kampong Pakiat, Bangkok, where he embarked on a mission to strengthen the faith among the Muslims there. After three years, he returned to Gajah Mati to continue with his religious teaching.

In the 1930s, he was well known as a foremost Koran reader in Kedah. He was also a good orator especially in the delivery of his religious talks. He also involved himslf in the fight for Independence. He opened his own "Pondok" school, known as the Madarsah Al-Akhlak Aal-Islamiah at Guar Chempedak.

Haji Hussain was also an Ulama who was a specialist in the subject of Fiqah and who can speak English. He learnt English from a teacher from Perak, Che Maidin. He was not only an Ulama and a leader who fought for the purity of Islam, but also a person who worked hard on making the 'ummah' realize their roles in the fields of politics, economy and social.

On May 12, 1967, Warta Malaya reported the demise of Haji Hussain Che Dol in his house at Guar Chempedak, due to hypertension.

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