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Y.B. Dato' Paduka Abdul Kadir Bin Hj. Sheikh Fadzir

Translation by Syed Zulfilda S.M. Noor


Dato' Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir was born on 4 June 1939 in Kampung Tawar, Kulim, Kedah. He had his early education at the Tawar Malay School from 1946 until 1949, and had his secondary education at the Sultan Badlishah Secondary School from 1950 until 1957. Later in 1968, he continued his studies at the Lincoln's Inn, London and obtained his law degree in 1970.


  • Teacher, Serdang English School (1958)
  • Teacher, Baling National School (1958- 1960)
  • Clerk, Public Works Department (JKR) Alor Setar (1960- 1963)
  • General Executive Officer in Foreign Affairs Unit (Branch B), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1963- 1964)
  • Third Secretary, Malaysian High Commission in Karachi, Pakistan (1964- 1965)
  • Third Secretary, Malaysian Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam (1966- 1968)
  • Political Secretary to the Minister of Welfare (1971- 1974)
  • Advocate and Solicitor and Partner in a Legal firm of "Hisham, Sobri and Kadir" (1974- 1982)
  • Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1982)
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1983)
  • Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade (1990)
  • Deputy Minister of Human Resource (1995)
  • Deputy Minister of Home Affairs (2 Jan 1999)
  • Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism (20 May 1999 until now)
  • Chairman, Malaysia Tourist Promotion Board (1999 until now)

Political Involvement

  • President, UMNO Club in United Kingdom (1969- 1970)
  • Deputy Chief, Kedah UMNO Youth (1970 until 1976)
  • Deputy Head, Padang Serai UMNO Division (1978)
  • Chief of Kedah UMNO Youth (1978- 1980)
  • Head, Kulim Bandar Baharu UMNO Division (1984 until 1987)
  • Became a Member of the new UMNO (1988)
  • Member of UMNO Supreme Council (1988)
  • Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Baharu (1978 until now)

Social and Professional Involvement

  • Secretary-General, Friendship Association for the People of Afro- Asia, Malaysia Branch
  • Chairman, Old Boys Association of the Sultan Badlishah Secondary School, Federal Territory and Selangor Branch
  • Patron, Welfare Brand for Orphans, Kulim District

In appreciation of his services and contributions, he was bestowed several honours and awards by the government which among them include the Ahli Mangku Negara (A.M.N.) in 1972, the Dato' Setia DiRaja Kedah (D.S.D.K.) which carries the title of Dato' by the Sultan of Kedah in 1986, the Pingat Gagah Darjah Kinabalu (P.G.D.K.), and the Dato' Paduka Seri Setia Sultan Abdul Hamid Mu'adzam Shah (D.H.M.S.) which carries the title Dato' Paduka by DYMM Sultan Kedah. Apart from that, he was also bestowed the award 'Champion of Tourism for 2001' by the Tourism Writers for Pacific Region (PATWA) in Berlin.

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